Business centre

The major part of the business and congress centre is occupied by representative offices of renowned domestic and foreign companies, functioning as a top-quality work place for their staff and visitors.


Offices in the Crystal Palace are accompanied by other business premises designed to create a relaxed and a less formal business setting. A big congress hall together with a fine restaurant and a café with panoramic views on the 20th floor are there as a perfect combination of business convenience, socialising and comfort.

Comfortable office spaces of modern design ensure professional work on the highest level. Aesthetics, wellbeing, energy efficiency and high environmental standards are the guidelines used in designing work ambients that influence the users so that creating and residing in them is as uninterrupted, relaxed and filled with light as possible.

Crystal Palace, the tallest high-rise office building in Slovenia, offers the maximum: top architecture, maximum environmental compliance, highest living and creative comfort as well as great opportunities for the leasing and purchase of premises.

Key features:

  • total surface area of the building: 45,800 m²
  • 90 m high
  • 20 floors of business premises plus the ground floor
  • heliport
  • multi-functional roofed square
  • urbanised surrounding areas with a fountain, a greenery and driveways
  • green terrace
  • passages to other parts of BTC City
  • glass façade with two panoramic lifts
  • a café on the top floor
  • fine restaurant
  • business and congress centre
  • medical beauty and wellness centre
  • 3 underground parking levels
  • 618 parking spaces within the palace building itself
  • energy efficiency and compliance to high environmental protection standards
  • sophisticated technology
  • 10 lifts